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Speed Matters. Page speed has a direct affect of mobile performance, search ranking, and bounce rates. Bounce rates increase dramatically if your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

ProSpeed Audit Tool By using this tool, you can see how fast your site really based on Google's tools. Google ranks mobile first, so how they view your page is critically important to how you rank.

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What do my results mean?

Main Reasons for a Slow Site

Speed Index
Speed Index shows how quickly the contents of a page are visibly populated. These visual cues either emphasis speed or slowness.

Waiting to Load
This measures when the primary content of a page is first visible. The bigger the gap is between this score and the next, the greater perception of slowness.

Waiting to Use
This the amount of time it takes for the page to become fully interactive. If this time is > 3sec, mobile bounce rates increase dramatically.

Jake Customer Testimonial
"The ProStrategix Team was able to improve my mobile site performance to sluggish to fast. I was shocked how much of difference it made to me and my users."

- Jake

How We Solve Page Speed Problems

Excess Code Slows Pagespeed
File Size slows Pagespeed
Plugin Use slows Pagespeed

Excess Code

If you are happy with your current design, we help either by recreating the site without the excess code or clean up the theme by removing the excess code.

If you want a refresh, then you will have clean, light-weight code from the start.

Image Size

There are many newer and more optimized file types. Most people use .jpeg or .png files. These are fine, but there are ways to reduce size with minimal impact on quality.

Ideally, we would cover the images to the new formats or compress the old ones. Then size them properly from the start, saving resizing time.


We do a full audit of all plug-ins. We know the 'bad' ones. Once we find all the plug-ins that are causing issues, we evaluate their impact to your site and provide a recommendation

More often that not, we can find an alternative means to achieve the same goals without causing delays due to excessive home server calls.